I am your freedom!

This is now the official web site of the Drablavia, dedicated to the glory of our former dictator: General Joseph Ronaldo Barrax, dictator, adventurer and philosopher.

No skunks allowed! *
* just kidding.
You will enjoy your visit and send your money to the Drablavian embassy near you. Remember ask no question and your brain will not be stressed.

A little explanation, I think it is time I update my web page and as a joke I make it the official site of Drablavia the country General Barrax ruled for over 50 years. Please don't take everything on this site as cash. Please give me your impressions and don't forget to show me your version of Fifine.

    Fifine is now a proud member of the nice. Please, after your visit, try some of these fine comics.


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Don't applaud, just throw money!