I hope you liked my web page. I offer you now a little selection of links. If you think I forgot an important site,  just drop me a E-mail and I'll see what I can do!
All those links have been verified April 2002
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Here's the site of J.L. Anderson who created Nadia Romanova who appeared as Nadja the corsair in my comics, Thank you, Jennifer!!






It's a community of online cartoonists. It's because of their great job if you can read Fifine Online. Go see who else is part of it. You'll have fun.


The Belfry: Furry Comics Online

If you especially like Furry comics, (you perverts:))  visit this web site, it's the most complete site of Furry comics in my opinion (if you know best let me know.):

The misadventures of Tipper and her friends. The General Barrax made an appearance in this fine comic. It's really cute and funny too.

The adventures of a young barbarienne. I've recently found this comic.The authors are really cool people.  WARNING NOT FOR KIDS.


A comic written and drawn by a friend Eric Theriault. Try it, It is good and very original.